Keep Calm & Love Oreo !

You can’t be a Smart Cookie with a Crumbly Attitude – Unique Teaching Resources

This golden rule is applicable to all aspects and events in our lives. Be it personal or professional, a rational approach is the constant need. Hence, it is easy to conclude that completing entire packets of cookies is not the most rational or sane idea. Having said that, I am merely admitting the fact that I am highly irrational and hoping that many of you’ll reading this relate with me. So this week I am going to be sharing my love, views and thoughts about my go to cookie brand – OREO.

Oreo’s are irresistible. I do not think anyone could just take one bit and leave it away. More the merrier is my Oreo mantra. Simply, because there are just too many options to decide from. With approximately 53 varieties, it is hard to pick from mint or red velvet or golden or the classic cream. Another reason Oreo is my go to cookie brand because it  has always been on top of my mind. It rarely lets any brand penetrate to my memory system and make me want to try them. I just keep seeing Oreo in different versions and mediums.

One of the reason Oreo has successfully accomplished this position is purely due to its progressive digital marketing and social media incorporation. They have seamlessly merged the product on top of the consumer minds. It is a great illustration of agility and innovation in the changing digital face. The brand is a social media powerhouse with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter having millions and thousands of followers. The company has been doing well in connecting with its customers by increasing their presence more on the digital platforms as compared to traditional. They have numerous successful social media tales such as:-

The 100-day “Daily Twist”campaign capturing latest news, pop culture, celebrations worldwide, etc.


The tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl to break the unforeseen blackout at the stadium.


Oreo’s Twist, Lick, Dunk mobile app, the game that proved so popular, it became the number-one game in more than 15 countries



The Wonderfilled Theme Anthem is one of my personal favorite as it tries to reflect the difference one cookie could make. In my case, one cookie (if not more) means everything. One cookie can brighten my day, one cookie can make a good day even better, one cookie can bring about a positive and happy element to my day. The Wonderfilled Theme generates a sense curiosity. It questions the difference any single or one thing is capable of making. From a wider perspective this campaign was highly successful just like the others because it raises the all important question as to how one good deed can work wonders ! Among all these ever significant questions they do not forgot the underline theme that Oreo believes in – make everyone smile. Ensure that the social media is actually socially entertaining and full of life.It makes interacting within the community more fun and Wonderfilled.


In the Cookie of Life, Friends are the Chocolate Chips – Salmon Rushdie, British-Indian novelist


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