The View From the World

The greatest value you can add is to become more of yourself – Sally Hogshead

Well, how do you what more to add? How do you know what you are? How do you know what the world thinks of what you are? How do you know whether the world perceives you the same way as you see yourself? How do you know? The answer is simple, I don’t know or I am not sure or I never will be. It’s a crazy massive world out there with endless different types of people. You can never be sure but you can attempt to come closest to the best version of yourself. One thing that I have learnt during the course of my small lifetime is the fact that everyone has to constantly market themselves. This is applicable to one and all; small and big, financier and plumber, marketer and politician, etc.images

This brings me back to the great question, “How do I know what to market?” To overcome this dilemma during the course of last week I took up a very interesting and unique challenge recommended by our Digital Marketing Professor at New York University, Professor Joanne Tombrakos. I mention interesting because it is an unseen view to life and unique primarily because it is one of its kind. The first marketing-based communication assessment, this is “The Brand Fascination Assessment” test discovered by Sally Hogshead.

Well, you’d wonder how this works? The Brand Fascination Assessment is a personality profiling tool to discover how the world sees you on the contrary to how you the see the world. It is a quick and simple set of 28 questions that will ultimately conclude to an archetype that portrays how the world sees you. There are 49 personality archetypes that you could be assigned to based on the combination of a primary and secondary archetype. You will also be provided with your dormant archetype that states the traits that wouldn’t be useful when communicating.



At the end of the test, multiple occasions with friends, family and colleagues fell in perspective and seemed reasonable. The traits commonly used by them to describe me such as obsessive, passionate, trust-worthy, detail-oriented, inquisitive, kind, expressive, etc. finally culminated into the world viewing me as – THE INTRIGUE, a primary combination of Passion and secondary combination of Mystique. My dormant archetype was Trust.



To my surprise most of it was true from Passion to Mystique, Discerning to warm and cool. These characteristics definitely reflect my personality and traits. The 16 pager fascination report, at the completion of the test, echoes my highest and not so highest values very precisely. The report accurately describes me possessing a strong inner core. I believe this has much to do with my primary advantage of “Passion”. I invest my heart and soul into what I believe and stand for. I am capable to balance the emotional and rational choices however my friends would object to my rationality of eating desserts for sure (Oreo is one of them if you remember from last week).

Assessment of Primary and Secondary Advantage

The assessments given alongside my primary and secondary advantage were also insightful and note-worthy. I completely agree that I am expressive, intuitive and hopefully engaging you guys as well. As you’d discover from the future and past blogs, I am obsessed with travel and food. Hence, the conversation with me could get unending. As stated in my secondary advantage I am independent, logical and observant. So if you think of abandoning me on a holiday then be very careful because I am observant of your actions and independent and crazy enough to leave you behind too. Having said that, I do have faith in my rationality and I am sure I would come up with a logical solution.


This test helped me answer quite a few of the “How do you/I know” questions. Just like a SWOT analysis is needed for a successful business, for an individual when we think about how to be victorious in life, it’s imperative to outline our strengths and weaknesses. The “Brand Fascination Assessment” plays a crucial role in this discovery process. It provides invaluable information to uplift your personality and guide you in the rightful direction ahead personally and professionally. I think it is easy, exciting and effortless to take the test. I encourage everyone to take this test and discover their personality and surprise and fascinate the world out there. If you still don’t believe my word after coming till the end of the blog, I recommend you watch this Ted Talk video on “How to Fascinate“. It will unfold fun facts and make you definitely want to take the test.

We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles – Jimmy Carter



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