Food for Thought

There is no love sincerer than the love of food ― George Bernard Shaw

Love for Food is like the only constant that exists in life. Love for people changes, place changes, jobs change, friends change, etc. but food is like the constant love if not growing. The more restaurants that open the more are the food innovation and the love keeps growing. Having said that, this also results in a rise in crowd and wait-time at each restaurant. Hence, anything that makes this process seamless and quick brings so much more value to me. I hope you guys agree! Because as much as I am a slow eater, I am a restless person when it comes to waiting for the food. Honestly I don’t know anyone who prefers waiting. We are always in an infinite hurry, be it lunch break or class break.chipotle_mexican_grill_logo-svg

Subsequently in these all so busy schedules, it is great to have ways and means that make this wait less and the process of food ordering effortless. One of my first brush to such an experience was with CHIPOTLE. I love Chipotle, purely because it is so very appetizing, quick to access in any corner of the city and it’s not available in my own country. As soon as I came to NYC, Chipotle became my go to grab spot. Also, I get the added advantage with Chipotle that it offers Vegetarian options for me.  After a few visits there and occasional waiting in lines, I decided to start ordering online. This is when I came across bliss and food ordering became simply effortless through their online system and mobile ordering app.

chipotlesChipotle makes my life trouble-free with easy-to-navigate tools that provide on-the-go ordering. It allows us to place an order from anywhere. With characteristics such as consistency, availability, channel-neutrality, content-optimisation and seamlessness, Chipotle is a great example of omni-channel marketing. Whether I am on the streets with my phone or in class on my laptop, I find it very simple to place my order. The navigation is not complicated while using different platforms. From phone to the laptop, it is an easy ordering process.

Chipotle’s Mobile App Ordering

Also, it is organised, helpful and saves time. My order is ready to pick by the time I reach. Aesthetically well designed, it provides unique information and maintains simplicity. All the ordering platforms offer up-to-date and accurate product information.

The functioning of the various digital platforms resonates with Chipotle’s operational system too. There is a clear and easy flow path, minimal confusion, strategically placed objects and neatly designed aesthetics. By providing consumers with fresh, simple ingredients and an easy dining experience they’ve made themselves a staple of the fast food industry. They have a particular visual identity and extend similar branding across networks.

Chipotle’s Home page design

They also promote their social causes and pages very clearly and neatly in the respective order of importance. The responsive design implemented by them ensures that the look, feel and functionality of their website does not get lost no matter what device the customer is using. With such well planned omni-channel marketing, Chipotle does a great job at keeping customers happy and satisfied.

You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food – Chef Paul Prudhomme


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