Momentary Moments

Everyone here has the sense that right now is one of those moments when we are influencing the future – Steve Jobs

We live in an era where the time and tides are changing faster than expected.  From travel to communication, everything is rapid and demanding greater speed with passing time. There are times we don’t even realize how time has passed and how moments have evolved. I myself find it fascinating that it has already been 7 weeks since I voyaged on this journey of blogging. Feels like just yesterday, when I started my first blog, “Welcome to my Blog”! Time travel and evolution makes us wonder about the past, present and more importantly the future.We hope and anticipate for various trends and developments.lyonsdown_change_F_3279356b

I came across one such moment while I was reading the article on “The evolution of the customer journey in 2017: Optimizing moments that matter” on by Jim Yu. The article foresees the evolution of the customer journey in 2017 and how marketers must make the most of micro-moments that matter. The article rightly highlights the importance of omni-channel marketing, a topic we have been discussing since weeks now. The editorial piece suitably describes the change in consumer buying path from a linear sales funnel to a journey that has become highly fragmented now.

Like the McKinsey Consumer Decision Journey, it states that the growth of social media and different means of communication online are guiding a customer through the traditional buyer’s journey. Customers now have the prospect to interact with brands and share their interests and reviews. Omni-channel marketing is taking over the traditional digital marketing approach to ensure customers can be reached and engaged in several different ways. A Think with Google study points out that one in three smart phone user has purchased from a company or brand other than the one they intended simply because that brand or company provided information in the moment they needed it.


The content is well summarized by Jim Yu stating 4 strategies for success in 2017 namely:-

  1. Understanding the customer and customer demands.
  2. Creating content for those specific audiences.
  3. Optimizing content for different platforms.
  4. Measuring performance.

Have you ever been haunted by your past search on any social media or search engine or your mail? This is the reason! The functioning of the various teams is getting more integrated with SEOs and marketers becoming more dependent on each other and detail oriented. The set of laws for the marketing game aren’t changing – they’re evolving. Marketers need to capture the right moment at the right time at the right place for the right consumer with right strategic decision making.

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped – Tony Robbins


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