Internet of Opportunity ?

If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again ~ Brendan O’Brien, Aria Systems

We live in world where change is the only constant; Advertising change in the era, Mobile Happening, Big Data becoming bigger, Content is King and it’s an endless list. The advent of internet, it’s accomplishment and far out reach has out-crossed all boundaries almost literally. In today’s age of connectivity, Internet is become more widely available, the cost of connecting is decreasing, more devices are being created with Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors built into them, technology costs are going down, and smartphone penetration is sky-rocketing. All of these things are creating a perfect storm for the Internet of things (IoT). As Eric Schmidt says, “The Internet of things will augment your brain.


But what exactly is the “Internet of things” and what impact is it going to have on you, if any? The IoT is a concept of basically connecting any device and this includes everything from smartphones, coffee makers, washing machines, headphones, lamps, wearable devices and almost anything else you can think of.  The IoT is a giant network of connected “things” which also includes people.  The relationship could be between people-people, people-things, and things-things. The IoT is becoming an increasingly growing topic of conversation both in the workplace and outside of it. It’s a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live but also how we work. This is the reason a lot of companies are heavily investing in the IoT.panerakioskjpg

Take the example of Panera Bread, the bakery–café chain has enhanced its successful business model of allowing customers to tailor their salads and sandwiches.
Using the latest digital technologies – and embedding the Internet of Things (IoT) throughout their operations and supply chain – Panera’s customers can now build their orders online, pre-order favourite meals with an app and pay quickly at in-store kiosks. For Panera, having the ability to engage and serve their customers in new ways has made their business more relevant in the digital age. In my case, I have always wished that I could skip the catastrophic line at Shack Shack. With their mobile app life has certainly become better but it still requires planning and does not support my spontaneous walk-ins especially for the shakes. This is when I truly wish they have the self-service machine just like the Scanomat Topbrewer, a café-grade coffeemaker that gives you access to top-quality coffee whenever and wherever with the app. I could just walk into the restaurant, scan my code with the machine, collect my drink within seconds and walk out. Let the app take care of the rest as usual.


The reality is that the IoT allows for virtually endless opportunities and connections to take place, many of which we can’t even think of or fully understand the impact of today. Security is a big issue that is oftentimes brought up. With billions of devices being connected together, what can people do to make sure that their information stays secure? Will someone be able to hack into your toaster and thereby get access to your entire network? The IoT also opens up companies all over the world to more security, privacy and data sharing threats. Another issue that many companies are going to be faced with is the need to figure out a way to store, track, analyze and make sense of the vast amounts of data that will be generated. It’s not hard to see how and why the IoT is a talk of the town; it certainly opens the door to a lot of opportunities but also escalates many challenges. For now the best thing that we can do is educate ourselves about what the IoT is and the potential impacts that can be seen on how we work and live.

If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place ~ Eric Schmidt


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